Friday, February 11, 2011

End of Nokia

Sometimes I really wonder if people understand the market. While generally I agree in most areas Microsoft does a great job, mobile devices as in phones is not one of them. Windows phone 7,has died to a large degree, even close partners are not happy by the market reality of windows 7. The market share for Windows mobile/windows CE continues to fall, with the iphone and android winning fast.

Actually palms offering/hp is far stronger than windows 7, and its the "third" choice as it is for the consumer. Android phones are cheap, and getting cheaper, with a wealth of applications, and reasonably quick software updates.

Nokia hardware and design is not bad, the problem is one of a company being in the business for too long a time, too many models, to many different os's
To the point that change management is just broken. (Try doing application development in Nokia space, its a nightmare of screen sizes and versions)

So the choice Nokia had were:
1. There new Linux based in-house effort, to long in coming, that its dead
2. Use android/google and have a close partnership with the other giant.
3. Use Microsoft - The underdog.

I can understand Nokia does not want to compete with HTC, but the reality they are.
HTC produces both Windows as well as android models. The android ones are incredible popular. So Nokia thinks they can make windows mobile better? After how many versions? Please, dont waste your money. Even on my industrial environment devices (Bar code scanners) I'd prefer to have android, it would be easier to develop.

I really feel nokia is missing the boat. Them joining the Android universe would be a smart move, it would put them in the game. Even offering ports to the existing hardware platforms(phones) would allow them quick entry into the market, without big retootling on the factory side. Newer versions of android really dont need big skinning jobs, so very quick to see a result.

I love nokia hardware, till iphones came, every phone I bought was a Nokia. Solid
hardware, cost effective, great ability to customize the products. The iphone changed
the game. Android changed it again. With android you can compete with iphone, with windows 7 dont bother to try.

Attention Nokia Board, u need to wake up. I agree that the "house" is on fire, and you have to take action, but dont use gasoline to put out the fire. Windows Mobile/Windows CE has not delivered, and really dont see it delivering. It had years, and never even touch much of your symbian market share. Look at what android has done?

I hope I'm wrong and your going to do both android and windows, and windows came first. If so. They you have a chance. But dont make windows mobile your final eulogy.

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Glenn West said...

Just read the CEO's explanation, that he wants Nokia wants to create a "Third" ecosystem. Management 101 - Your aiming to be #3 at best, while with android you could have been the #1 android phone supplier, and also be able to have low to high-end. The only good news is at the low to medium side nokia is still open, as there is no "Microsoft" interest.

This really sounds like a "Second System Effect" from the CEO microsoft days.