Monday, October 12, 2009

Virtual Models and Parsing in Ruby

Ever want to process something external to your database or your rails app, such
as the contents of files. But you think rails is only good for database items?
Actually rails can easily adapt to handle any kind of data.

In these examples, I process all my controllers, to give a view and a RESTful interface
for testing of my controllers. I also do the same for the menus. All without a database
table in sight.

First, lets take a look at the controllers "model".

This allows us to view our controllers from within rails, useful if you want to know what code is running, or
in my case to use watir to test. The lovely part is I can actually RESTfully pull the list of controllers, and make
sure each is hit in watir.

The next problem is menu's, how do I validate that each menu does something, a little of the same
technique. Here is a bit more advanced, we actually build a parent menu table, and a child menu item table.

Here is the menu model. The Menu Model actually creates all the child menu items at startup. It does this by
parsing tabnav/widget format menus. While I was looking at a way of using erb to do this for me, I ended up just
doing the parsing myself.

And finally the MenuItem Model

After this I do simple activescaffold based controllers, and more importantly add routes so I can pull xml files
for testing.

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THS said...

Thanks for your excellent guest lecture at AIT.
We learns things about software that we'll never learn in academia.