Thursday, May 14, 2009

ruby script/plugin git does not work in Rails 2.3.2 and Ruby 1.9

Lots of people are scratching there head over why they cannot
install rails plugins using git.

I'm working with Ruby 1.9.1 and Rails 2.3.2. And git is a pretty natural
for working with version control.

So I wanted to pull from my own respository, but kept getting
a error on tryping to do the install.

sin-gwest-laptop:testjq gwest$ ruby script/plugin --verbose install git://
Plugins will be installed using http
Plugin not found: ["git://"]
#<TypeError: can't convert Array into String>

Come to find out, this is a known but as the mkdir_p call has changed its
return parameter in Ruby 1.9 and that messes up the install of git plugins
unless you do the patch


tswicegood said...

Cheers! Ran into this problem myself and had no clue where the problem was. Thanks!

John said...

I'm new to rails but I love jQuery. Newbie question: How do you run the patch script so I can install activejqery?

Thank you.


John said...

Is there any other way to install activeJquery without git?
I've copied all downloaded files to "plugins/activejquery" then tried to install with no go. Any hints?

LesM said...

Thanks! This really helped me out too - for installing git://

Rustam said...

Also got the same problem and solved it with your post! Thank you!